WordleBot: Everything you need to know.

Welcome to our a simplified Introduction to WordleBot, your Upshot’s daily Wordle companion. Feeling lucky or skilful? This WordleBot guide will exactly tell you and assist you in improving your solving and guessing skills.

What is WordleBot ?

WordleBot is a gadget that will analyze your finished wordle for you. It will provide you with your luck and skill scores from0 to 99. Additionally, it will indicate what could have been done distinctively.


How Do I Use it ?

Fairly simple, just start Wordle then go to the Wordle companion using your web browser.

How does WordleBot work ?

Each Wordle game begins with a hidden word out of 2309 possible solutions. The WordleBot will identify the word that permits it to solve the game. Of course the remaining solutions will follow the same process until we have one.

Why did you make it ?

Solvers always wonder what perfect word a good start is. This was especially evident way before The Times bought Wordle. It appeared as a forthright statistical question. Nevertheless, solvers never cease to find different solutions. That’s why WordleBot came, it was to answer that particular question. But there is a downside to it for two reasons :

  1.     answers were more intricate than they appear.
  2.     solvers are more interested to know if their guesses matched the one chosen by a bot.

And hence, the WordleBot companion is born.

What’s in it for me though ?

The short answer is to help you improve your solving skills. This smart Bot lets you look at Wordle analytically. Furthermore, it imparts a kind of tie-break, especially for those who are competitive with their friends and family. Say Wordle took you five turns and still you answered better than your friends. WordleBot will brag about your results. If you answer everything right but still got unlucky, it will indicate that as well. However, it is entirely up to you to decide which is more important.

What’s the best opening word ?

The opening word is one of the best tricks to win your wordle puzzle. In fact, if the Bot starts with CRANE, it will solve all worlds with the least number of guesses in normal mode. In hard mode it starts with Death.

Some solvers across the Internet might get startled as a result. They proclaim that words such as IRATE, ADIEU, SALET or RAISE are the best openers. In fact, it all depends on your method first, and whether you are a human or Bot second.

Wordle algorithms adopt distinct outlooks on how they solve puzzles. From one standpoint, some might begin with understanding the list of solutions. Others do not take part in this. Some allow guesses containing 5 letter words as their valid choice while others use smaller words. WordleBot has a limited set of words, up to 4500 common English words. This is easier for English speakers to be familiar with. S using technical words like VOEMA or SKATT won’t be that resourceful.

Keep in mind that words that are good for a robot won’t be the same for you. WordleBot is familiarized with all 2309 solutions reserved in its memory. this is not the case for you. The Bot may know which path to follow while you may not necessarily.

Keep in mind that every Wordle game is solvable regardless of which word you choose. But things change when you are in hard mode. So don’t limit yourself if you want to start with FUZZY, go for it. WordleBot will ignore your first guess when evaluating your skill score.

Will the WordleBot Spoil the solution ?

WordleBot will only give you advice for completed puzzles. So no, don’t worry.

Which Wordle will wordleBot analyze?

Like aforementioned, any completed wordle you made recently if cookies are enabled. If it was from months ago, just make sure you have a screenshot. It will assist you accordingly. So the analysis will be made on that basis.

Does WordleBot know the answer already?

No, it only knows the list of solutions, nothing else. It won’t also know if a solution was already used.

Does WordleBot ever fail to solve a Wordle ?

No, this companion is designed to solve all six turns.

I play in Hard Mode; will it work for me ?

Hard mode presents quite a challenge. Nevertheless this Bot will give you advice despite everything.

From a computing viewpoint, it may complicate things. The thought of getting rid of as many solutions as possible is appealing, it is not advisable. The WordleBot requires a thoughtful approach to eliminate solutions. This is to avoid any possibilities of getting stuck in a losing position.

For more advanced computers it isn’t a big deal. However smartphones can be tricky; their computing capabilities are constrained. This might affect the loading time the Bot needs to analyze and display solutions.

That being said, in hard mode, the Bot may not always provide a valid guess each time. Hence there may be more solutions than valid guesses. To conclude this point, the supercomputer version will highly differ from the smartphone version. These differences are minor and shouldn’t be a nuisance.

Is WordleBot running on a supercomputer somewhere ?

The answer is no. Calculations operate on demand, either on PC or smartphone.

Is it possible to beat the bot ?

Of course it is. You can be luckier than a bot. Solving efficiently however might be harder.

Will this affect my Wordle streak ?

The answer is no.

Will this change anything about Wordle ?

It may change how you play Wordle for sure, but it is utterly independent of Wordle itself.

What does the skill measure mean ?

WordleBot assigns a score of 99 to its selected word. For Bot, that’s the appropriate choice to solve the puzzle with the least guesses possible. A score of zero happens when you skip a turn (although it is rare for you to skip a wordle turn). If you guess a word already used before, you will get the same result.

Overall, the skill score measures to what extent you’re close to the bot’s answer.

That’s all for our guide on WordleBot. We hope that you learned an informed knowledge about WordleBot. Don’t Hesitate to provide us with your constructive feedback. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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