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We will guide you through a bundle of tips to help you in your guessing game.

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Wordle is a web based guessing game that is gaining popularity each day all over the Internet. By now, you may have seen a few pictures of the yellow and green squares and wondered how you can beat the streak. You may also feel tired of all the boasting of people getting each word right and want to take action and prove your own skills. Whatever your reason or intention, we are here to support you in solving your own streak with these tips.

To begin with, the best comparison to Wordle is Hangman , but you won’t get that many words, and keep in mind that you’ll lose if you don’t guess the right word in six tries. Nevertheless, you have a 5-letter to guess which makes the process easier and less complicated despite the obstacles. Down below we have collected some useful tips that you’ll find insightful.

1- Make it Harder on yourself :

Although this tip may come to personal preference and how players choose their playing mode, Wordle warriors never cease to turn on Hardcore mode on and take the challenge to spice things up. This way, you’ll pay more attention to the word you guess in the second attempt, otherwise, you’ll have to start all over.

2- Pick Your starting Word:

Start off your day by picking a word you are familiar with and make it your first guessing word. Each day, it will be your first brag guess. This way, you will begin the day with that word and set yourself in the right mind frame of each puzzle guess. When picking your favorite word, make sure that it contains a lot of vowels and has common consonants in it. For instance, some Wordle players start with the word “Mouse” which has 3 vowels .
Here is a good starting words :

  • Adieu
  • Odium
  • Shade
  • Resin
  • Alert
  • Haunt
  • Orate
  • Media
  • Blind
  • Route
  • Audio
  • Pause
  • Alien
  • Canoe
  • Plane
  • Rouse
  • Fraud
  • Atone
  • Raise
  • Minor

Here is what i used today from the list above to solve wordle march 1 puzzle .

wordle nyt march 1 2022
Wordle © New York Times

3- A,E,I,O,U

Your next mission now after picking your start word with the vowels is to guess their right placement within the boxes. You’ll start seeing the green and yellow squares at this point. Your second guess should be focused on finding the right placements for the vowels in the word.. If the letters, say U, S, E are colored in yellow, thinking they’re correct. However, if you try “fuel” the box will turn green.

4- wheel of Fortune Letters

When you spin the wheel of fortune, at the end of the round they give you some letters of the word to help you solve it. Well this is a good tip to help you out with Wordle. So keep notes while guessing the hidden word. To exemplify, the letters R, S, T, L , N, and E are heavily used in the alphabets, and if you are attempting to guess a 5-letter word with these alphabets in it, you’ll smoothly sling in towards the solution. For instance if you choose the word “fuels” , it already contains S, L, and E which are nearly half of the suggested alphabets.

5- Remember Letters Pairings:

If you recognize a Wordle that has the alphabet “S”, then try to guess all of the other alphabets that are paired with it such as T, H, and E. An example would be the word “Shoute,” or “Stole”. Eventually with this letter you want to pay close attention to the following ; ‘sh’, ‘st’, ‘es’, ‘ed’, ‘ds’, etc. If your second guess it “fuels” yet the L placement is wrong, the third guess should be something else, for instance “Feuds”. always think of rearranging the places of the letters to get the right guess.

6- And Sometimes “Y” :

Keep in mind that this is not always the case, but the letter “Y” can be sometimes considered as a vowel in the English language. Once you have depleted all the vowels you have and there is still one missing to attach to two consonants, use “Y” and try your luck. Words like “early”, “ready”, and “heavy” all have the letter Y as a common vowel. This can be a savior if you have been stuck with finding the missing vowel and thinking you have used all available vowels to complete your guess. Alternatively, use “reads” instead of “ready” which can be very helpful in guessing the last Wordle.

7- Seeing Double:

Some may have forgotten about this golden rule, which states that you can actually use the same letter twice. For instance, you have the word”heavy” where the “y” is not a vowel, alternatively, you can derive the word “heave” which is in this case the most likely correct Wordle. You might just have overlooked the duplicated letter “E”. Now mind you, duplicated letters don’t happen very often in Wordle to make it a general rule for playing. Nevertheless, keep this trick in the back of your mind and take the guess. This will be especially helpful when you pulled out the word with the letter “Y” and still couldn’t make the right guess.

8- don’t Second Guess Yourself:

By now you may have guessed it, there is a strategy to Wordle to follow if you are wanting to beat the game each time. Always make sure you have a critical thinking perspective about the words you guess, but don’t go too far until you start over thinking. Usually, the easier word option is the correct Wordle. So if you find yourself second guessing the word “light” as being way too easy will cause you to waste a valuable guess on a word such as “Litho” which is obviously not the correct guess. So keep in mind the easier the word the more successful you get the right one.

9- Use Outside Help:

This is an alternative solution if you don’t want to go an extra mile and just feel fed up with guessing over and over. Although this is a complete destruction of the fun in solving complicated puzzle words, use you as you please. You can ask Google 5-letter words and then search according to the missing letters.

10- Be Considerate of Others:

If you feel a little evil and want to boast about your achievements to upset the entire Wordle community, share your solved Wordle graphs online, especially on Twitter. We want to feel like winners and smart heads. However, remember to share the stat page of the website after you win. Nevertheless, please don’t spoil the fun for others.

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