Wordle By Nyt

Josh Wardle, a software engineer in Brooklyn, launched a revolutionary guessing game to the world on October 21, 2021. He named the game after his name: Wordle. Such a creative name!

Since Then, the Wordle Game not only captivated word solvers and has exploded in popularity, but it has quickly become a daily obsession for word gamers. Quick numbers: The first November only 90 people played Wordle game. By 2022, it became an internet hit with 300,000 players. Today, the word game has millions of daily players. Wordle is everywhere now: from the TV news to seeing people playing the game on the train to you starting playing on your computer till it appears in your Twitter feed. It’s inevitable!

So, what is this strange phenomenon everybody was talking about?

Wordle asks players to guess a five-letter word. Word gamers have six attempts to guess the word. Once the player guesses a five-letter term, Wordle features feedback by coloring the tiles. The green color indicates that the letter occupies the correct position, the yellow means that a letter is matched but not in the correct place and the black tile shows that the letter is not included in the word.
Very recently, The New York Times publication acquired Wordle. Things didn’t change so much. The puzzle continued to be ad-free as the New York Times has not put behind a pay-wall. Moreover, Players also continued to maintain their daily streaks and win percentage score. Sharing the score mechanics appears to be the same.

Wordle Today Answers :

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