What Is Wordle?

Wordle is a simple, easy word game that asks players to guess a five-letter word in six attempts. The game is played once a day with a new puzzle being released daily. Josh Wardle, a software engineer in Brooklyn, launched a revolutionary guessing game to the world on October 21. He named the game after his name Wordle. Such a creative name! It has now moved from a fun pastime game for Josh Wardle and his partner to a universal game with a growing number of new players joining the community daily.

What Makes Wordle game special?

The new puzzle game is not only a free game but it is also educational! Moreover, it’s an ad-free game. Wordle Game became a viral game without any marketing campaign. Nobody remembers seeing ads about it in the News or on their phones. It just popped out from nowhere. Just 90 players on 1st November and BOOM! Good Heavens! Millions are obsessed with the game. Since the game is played once a day they can’t wait to play it again.

The New York Times bought Wordle. In consequence, the game gained notoriety with more than one million players around the world. Since there is a huge demand for more and more Wordle, many spin-off games emerged on Google Play and the iOS store.

New York Times has been a leading developing company in the trivia industry as it has created many distinguished word games, notably the NYT/New York Times crosswords. Moreover, you can pick here the answers of New York Times crossword, it covers the whole subject on a daily basis.

Wordle Alternative Game Answers:

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